A Beginners Guide to Bible Journaling

There’s only one wrong way to Bible journal—and it has nothing to do with color schemes and typography. Bible journaling is a form of worship and meditation over God’s word in a creative way. I find that it helps me break down the text and focus on any major themes or important details I may have missed otherwise. The Bible may seem intimidating and confusing at first, so this is a great tool for someone who may be new to reading their Bible. The only wrong way to Bible journal is not approaching it with a heart that’s ready to learn and grow, but is focused on themselves. It’s that simple, so let’s get started!

Choose a Passage

When choosing a passage, start small. If you are new to Bible journaling or reading the Bible, I’d suggest starting with 2-3 small chapters. For this example, I am going to be using Philippians 1-3. Begin by reading the passage you have chosen. Once you have finished, reread the passage and write down on a separate piece of paper what you learned. Then, reread the passage a third time, taking note of anything else you may have missed. I know this may seem redundant, but you will pick up on the little details you may have missed!

Color Coding

Now that you have read the passage, it’s time to highlight! I came up with a color-coding system that helps me break down the text. This allows me to identify what the theme is and what I am supposed to take away from the passage. Here is my personal color-coding method, but feel free to make your own!

  • Red: God’s attributes & character
  • Yellow: Prayer & testimony / What God is teaching me through the passage
  • Green: Examples of faith, obedience & the fruit of the spirit
  • Teal: Wisdom & encouragement
  • Blue: The Gospel & prophecy
  • Grey: Important / Other

There are hundreds of different ways to color-code your Bible, so check out Pinterest or other blog posts to find what works best for you.

Make sure to think through the passage and the notes you took, then start highlighting! It doesn’t matter what you use to highlight, some people prefer colored pencils and others like highlighters or crayons. Personally, I use the Zebra double ended Midliners. Whatever you choose, at the end, your Bible should be filled with a few fun colors and ready to annotate!


This is when your notes and highlights come in. What major themes or repeating vocabulary stood out to you? Circle any repeating words that you found in the scripture or underline the themes you identified. When you read through the passage, did you find any sort of encouragement or important piece of wisdom? Underline or draw arrows to them, then write short excerpts of encouragement and wisdom in the margins! Then write something God may be teaching you, or how this passage is currently speaking into a situation in your life. It is always so rewarding to look back on and see how God was speaking to you or teaching you in that season!


Bible Journaling should be fun and relaxing. While it is ultimately about digging deep into the scripture, you also want to make it personal. The Lord wants us to enjoy spending time with him and designed us to be creative! There are dozens of ways to personalize your Bible, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Switch up the hand lettering to make key words and ideas stand out or draw in fun designs and doodles. You can alternate different pens and highlighters to make the thickness and color.
  • Consider purchasing Bible journaling stickers to add more color and patterns.
  • Use washi tape as a bookmark, or to line the margins of your Bible.
  • Use a variety of sticky notes to add more notes, typography and as a bookmark or label.
  • Checkout these DIY tassel bookmarks to save your place.

There are so many ways to make your Bible a place you love and enjoy. Look up YouTube videos, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest boards to get inspiration. In the end it’s all about worshiping our creator through time and creativity so relax and have fun!

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