What’s In My (Mini) Fridge

Whether you’re trying to eat healthy on a college budget, or have dietary restrictions, here are a few dairy and gluten free, dorm friendly grocery recommendations.

This semester we were provided with a mini fridge, microwave, and a sink in our room. That being said, everything listed below does not require a freezer, oven or other appliances, so this should be relevant to almost every college student living in a dorm! Our nearest grocer is Target so most of the products are from the Good & Gather brand, which is relatively less expensive yet a healthier alternative to most brands.

 Shelf Items

The first few product recommendations are going to be non-perishable goods that do not need to be refrigerated.

 Frosty Flakes from Good & Gather

The frosty flakes from this brand are hands down my favorite. Love this for a quick and easy breakfast when I’m running late for my 8:15!

cost: $3.19

Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices from Good & Gather

These freeze dried strawberries are a great snack when I am craving a little sugar, or when I want to add a little flavor to my cereal in the morning.

cost: $5.99

Omega-3 Walnut Trail Mix from Archer Farms

This Omega-3 Walnut trail mix is by far the best trail mix I have ever had. If you’re just as obsessed with pecans, pepitas and cranberries as I am, you’ve found the perfect nut blend for you! They’re great, especially when I’m hungry between classes, or in a snacky mood while studying. They also sell them in little prepackaged bags that are great to keep in your purse or backpack.

cost: bag $5.99 , tub 11.99 , prepackaged $7.49

Himalayan Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds from Good & Gather.

If you’re on a dairy free diet, you know it is nearly impossible to find chocolate covered anything without milk in it. After searching for literal years, I recently found these perfect dark chocolate covered almonds with hints of sea salt.

cost: $5.99

Udis Mug Cakes

These Udi’s Gluten Free mug cakes come in four flavors including chocolate cake, brownie, blueberry muffin and cinnamon coffee cake. They are quick and easy to make, just add water or a nut mylk, stir, and pop them in the microwave for a minute and ten seconds. It’s super simple, it’s low maintenance, and you have a delicious dessert.

cost: $4.49

Mini Fridge

Here are a few items that will fit in your mini fridge with plenty room to spare.

Almond Milk

I use this Silk Almondmilk in my cereal, mug cakes and more. If you’re vegan or dairy free like me, it’s a great source of vitamin D!

cost: $3.19

So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt alternative

I’ve tried every flavor and every brand of yogurt alternatives, but this is by far my favorite! The So Delicious yogurt brand is so good, and I sometimes add some Kind granola, bananas, almond butter and honey on top to make a parfait. I bought the individually packaged pack for convenience, but you can also purchase it in a tub or a single cup.

cost: 4 pack of cups $5.99, tub $5.49, single cup $1.69

The Fresh Market Waldorf Chicken Salad

The next three items listed, I was unable to get photos of, and are a little more specialized and pricey. First, the Fresh Market Waldorf chicken salad is my favorite chicken salad. It contains grapes, celery, and sometimes even cranberries.

$9.99 per lbs

The Fresh Market Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie Cup

The name strawberry kiwi smoothie cup is misleading. It’s just fresh fruit cut and prepped in a small container so if you wanted to use the fruit pre-portioned to make a smoothie you could, but I just eat the fruit.

$10.99 per lbs, but usually the come out to around $6-$7

Soylent Nutritional Shakes

On days where I’m running late, or need something to get me through until the next meal, I’ve enjoyed the Soylent Nutritional Shakes in the flavors cocoa and strawberry. The texture is perfectly smooth like soy mylk, and is not dyed or anything. The flavor isn’t too strong or to watered down, and I actually enjoy the taste unlike some other shakes. I have only ever bought them as needed individually since I don’t drink them too often. However, there are 12 packs or a powdered blend you can purchase if you are one to drink them more frequently.

cost: 12 pack $39.49, single bottles $3.49, Soylent Powdered Food tub $39.49

Recyclable Dish Ware

The last thing I want to mention isn’t food, but instead these compostable dish ware! The Nature’s Promise brand sells compostable forks, spoons, knives, plates, cups, bowls and even straws! They are super affordable and are great for your dorm so you don’t have to worry about cleaning any dishes, or the environment.You can be both lazy, and eco conscious.

I hope you enjoyed this dorm grocery tour, let me know what you think! If you try any of these products, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments on this post, or tag me on Instagram at @simply_ryien.

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