Things I Wish I had Known Before Moving Into The Annex

The ultimate student guide to an easier and more comfortable quarantine experience at Liberty University

When planning out blog content, this wasn’t what I had in mind for this week’s post. But due to the fact I am currently of campus with Covid-19, I can’t get the photos for the dorm hall decoration ideas post. Instead, I’ll be going over a few things you should know as a Liberty University Student in the case of moving to the Annex.

Whether you feel some symptoms coming on and aren’t sure the difference between allergies and Covid-19, or you and your roommate just tested positive, you’re probably going to be asked to move off campus. It is good to keep in mind that you have the choice to stay at your home or any other place as long as it’s off campus. It all depends on your comfort level and if your family is okay with you isolating in your room at home.

1. Fill out that self-report form ASAP, pack and then head to the student health center or local health care provider.

It took FOREVER for anyone to contact me regarding Covid-19 testing or moving off campus. I had to call and email so many people and it took a day and a half before I was able to move into the annex and leave my dorm. On the other hand, other students were given less than an hour to pack and get tested before being escorted off campus. Either way, I recommend packing even before you get tested or fill out the form to allow yourself time—just keep the necessities on top and accessible.

When it comes to choosing on campus testing or off campus testing it can be hit or miss. I’ve heard if you opt for on-campus testing you can speed up the process of getting sent to the Annex. This is key especially if you want to move quicker so your roommate can start their in-dorm quarantine quicker if they test negative. My roommate and I went the off-campus route and got to do the throat swab. My personal suggestion is to go to the student health center if you’re planning on moving to the annex!

2. What to pack

The school provides a well detailed and very helpful packing list, follow it!! I’d like to emphasize and add a couple things.

I will say that you should bring snacks with you, especially if you have any allergies. The Annex does provide free food for every meal—as long as you don’t forget to order it by 9:00 the night before. It varies each day, but you don’t get to choose what you get, only your dietary needs, allergies or sensitivities. If you have severe allergies, I suggest going a different route. They tend to mess up with all of the meals they have to provide and can even give you the wrong meal. If you don’t have allergies or dietary preferences, don’t worry about it and enjoy a free meal!

Bring lots of activities to do, there will be days you just can’t do any more homework. Bring a picnic blanket and a puzzle if you have one! Consider bringing a book or two, art or kraft supplies, nail polish, a hammock, board games, a long board, etc. Whatever helps you relax and unwind.

Bring a few décor pieces like they suggest on the list. I barely did but I’m so glad I brought what little I did! If I could do it over again, I’d bring a plant or two. I brought my bedding (which is needed anyways, but I brought the decorative pillows), a pencil cup, a blanket for my chair and a laundry hamper. It makes my room just feel cozier and helps me stay slightly more productive.

If you own your own mini fridge or microwave at your dorm, bring it! There is one communal microwave and no fridge. You may not need it but if you’re staying for two weeks, you may want to be able to reheat food. Consider having a friend drop off a case of water bottles and some disposable silverware as well, trust me on this one.

Pack comfy clothes!! Don’t worry about looking cute. Everyone here is in leggings or a hoodie and I was exhausted and for some reason brought nice clothes. I regret not grabbing more bike shorts and tees.

Listen to me carefully when I say this, it is a literal cave in these motel rooms. Ceiling lights do not exist in more than about two rooms here. Bring a small lamp if you can! You will thank me later.

3. Stay positive and ignore Annex lore

Okay, we all have heard some crazy Annex stories ever since classes have started. While some of them are true, and I have plenty of my own, it really isn’t that bad. Everyone is very kind and understanding, including staff. Keep an open mind and take this opportunity to catch up on work, take a nap, and even meet new people.

Above all else, use this time to stay in the word and meditate on what God may be teaching you at the moment. You may be surprised by his goodness and timing, even in the midst of a scary time.

Feel free to direct message me on Instagram if you need any ideas about what to pack or want a friend to eat with!

** In no way am I a medical professional, nor am I giving any sort of medical advice. This is solely for tips regarding packing and preparedness for off campus living. If you have any questions regarding school Covid-19 policies, check out the information link on the main Liberty University web page. This post is not affiliated with Liberty University in any way, and is based off of my own personal experience as a student. Please call 911 if you are having any sort of medical emergency. If you have any questions regarding health and wellness please contact your local care provider.**

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